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Why do I need this service?

We’re sports fans just like you.  We LOVE going to games to see the best players in the world compete.  But when the best players unexpectedly sit out of the game, your game experience almost always diminishes.  In our opinion, so should your ticket price.

How does this service work?  

This works a lot like airline ticket insurance.  For a few bucks, you can “Fansure” 50% of your ticket price.  After you buy a ticket to the game, simply go to our website and request a quote.  Once received, our team will quickly offer you a quote to protect your favorite player – usually just a couple of dollars.  As long as your request meets our terms and conditions, we will allow you to protect your game ticket based on whichever player you tell us you want to watch!

Who are Fansure’s customers

Anyone and everyone who buys tickets to a sporting event and wants to make sure a particular player will be there – and not just wearing warmups or street clothes!

Do I need to buy a ticket to a game before purchasing Fansure protection?

Yes – we require that you submit proof of your ticket purchase prior to purchasing our ticket protection service.  We are working to get integrated on a ticket platform so that one day, our service can be bought along with your tickets!

How do I know I can trust you?

Fansure is a real company providing a real service.  We’re sports fans like you who hate when the best players miss the games we buy tickets to attend.

Our standard legal policies can all be seen here:

Can I buy Fansure protection for games outside of the NBA?

Yes!  We can now provide ticket protection for NBA and NFL players and games.  

Which player(s) can I buy protection for?

Any player in the NBA or NFL!  We have a list of players to choose from on our Quote Request form, but you are free to request any player you want!

Can I buy protection for a player on the same day of the game?

Unfortunately not.  We require you to submit a quote request at least 48 hours in advance – or before anyone knows the player in question will be sitting out that game.  Otherwise, we would go bankrupt and no longer be able to provide you this awesome service!

Per our Purchase Policy, Ticket protection policy must be purchased prior to public announcement of injury (including but not limited to: NBA press releases, social media accounts from the applicable team or player, social media accounts from news reporters/journalists, Bleacher Report, The Vertical), suspension, or other reason for a player missing a game or 48 hours before the game - whichever comes first.

How can I check a player’s status before requesting Fansure protection?

We encourage you to use any news outlet that covers player availability on game day.,, the Bleacher Report, Twitter, your local sports team’s TV station…anywhere!  Worst case, you can request a quote and if we already know a player will miss the game you’re requesting protection for, we will simply reject your quote request and let you know.

This service is designed for fans who buy tickets to a game before knowing if they will be available to play on game day.

Can I get a full refund if a player misses a game?

As of now, we are offering 50% refunds only.  We are working to offer a “sliding scale” of refund options, but as of now we’re simply offering a compensation for a player you love not being there – but you still get to go to the game!

Can’t I just sell my ticket when I find out my favorite player is going to miss the game?

Of course.  But how many services allow you to get a 50% refund and still let you get to go to the game???

Is my ticket protection transferable?

Our ticket protection service is currently non-transferrable.  Our protection is void once you no longer own the game ticket.