1.)  Tell us who you want to see when you buy your ticket

2.)  Purchase Fansure after you buy your ticket.  We'll need to know the following:

 - Which game are you going to?

 - Which player(s) you want to see?

 - How much was your ticket?

3.)   If you meet our terms and conditions, and your "fansured" player sits out due to REST ("Did Not Play -- Rest" appears on the official box score of that game), or INJURY (must not be known prior to purchasing Fansure) you are eligible to be reimbursed for 50% of your ticket cost.  


We MUST APPROVE your Fansure purchase in order for you to be eligible for reimbursement after game day.  You are responsible for ensuring you receive a confirmation from us.

Example of how it works:

If LeBron James happened to sit out this game unexpectedly, the customer can claim $50 (50% of the $100 he/she paid originally for his/her ticket!  Subtract the protection cost of $9.81, and we pay you a net total of $40.19!

That's over 40% in savings!  

Bummer that LeBron didn't play. But at least you didn't pay full price!

After the game, our team will confirm whether LeBron sat out due to rest. We will then issue reimbursement payment to those who had purchased Fansure for him.