Premium rates for NBA players starting as low as 5% of your ticket price!

NBA Star Player Full Refund
Partial Refund
Stephen Curry As low as 14.5% As low as 7%
LeBron James As low as 15% As low as 7.5%
Kevin Durant As low as 13% As low as 6.5%
Kawhi Leonard As low as 17% As low as 9%
Giannis Antetokounmpo As low as 12% As low as 5%
Joel Embiid As low as 13.5% As low as 7%

The trend continues… but fans can take action to see the quality of game they paid for!

Games Missed by Player (2018-2019)

Just a month into the NBA season and NBA stats have missed games due to injury, rest, and suspension

Just a month into the NBA season and NBA stars have missed games for injury, suspension, and rest.

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