Sports analytics company using machine learning to predict the quality of NBA games. We use this data to improve a fans game-going experience by arming them with timely NBA Player information and offer refunds when the stars miss the game (for any reason)!

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NBA Star Player insurance

Fans pay a small fee to protect their ticket in the event a star player misses the game. Fans can select a partial refund at a lower cost to receive 50% back on their ticket or receive a full refund. Check out some of the average rates for a few of the star players at the link below.

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the Fansure index

Our proprietary algorithm is working 24/7 to track the quality of NBA games. We use this data not only to set our premiums but also to inform fans of any risks of marquee matchups not being as good as advertised.


Fansure Blog

It is important to us to engage with fans and provide analysis on trends or new information that is presented in the NBA community. From the Jimmy Butler saga to the brawl at the Staples Center, we’ll be a constant voice to communicate how this affects fans and their game-going experiences