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"Fansure is, essentially, NBA ticket insurance for fans in case a star player doesn’t play in a particular game due to rest...

this is an interesting idea."

David Aldridge, TNT Analyst

The growing trend of star players intermittently and unpredictably sitting out games has become a major issue in sports today.

Did You Know?

Of the 494 players in the NBA, only 26 played in all 82 games last season! that’s only about 5% of the players playing in every game!

From the coaches' and players' perspective, resting key players has proven to be of benefit to their teams; it is an essential strategy to a player's long-term health and durability.

Recent studies have shown that this strategy has translated into overall team success, as managing rest for top players has enabled teams to compete at a high level over the course of a season.

NBA Ticket Protection – NBA Stars Rest Unexpectedly - About Fansure

For us fans that buy tickets to these games, not seeing our favorite stars in action diminishes the value of an authentic game experience. there have been many stories in recent years about fans who travel great distances to see games - only to find their favorite players missing in action on game day

NBA Ticket Protection – NBA Stars Rest Unexpectedly - About Fansure

From Harrisburg, AK

NBA Ticket Protection – NBA Stars Rest Unexpectedly - About Fansure

“I was worried about paying $200 for these tickets tonight because [Stephen Curry] was questionable.”


This conundrum is why none of the major sports leagues have been able to find a solution to the dilemma that would appease all the stakeholders involved - the teams, players, fans, and media

With Fansure, you no longer have to live with the risk and uncertainty of your favorite players not playing in games you spent your hard-earned time and money to attend. You’re exactly why we created Fansure - the world's first form of game protection for you, the fan. Now you have the option of NBA ticket protection. In the event your favorite player sits, you’ll be reimbursed!