Player Sit Risk Probabilities

The core technology that powers Fansure’s applications is a sophisticated and proprietary algorithm that leverages years of data regarding player rest and injuries to predict the likelihood that a given player will miss a future game.

This predictive engine can also be used to provide insights regarding player availability to a variety of other stakeholders who are affected when superstars miss games.

The data below shows the missed game probability for up to 20 of the top NBA players for the remainder of the current NBA Season.

For past games, you can see the signal bounce between 0% (indicating that the player played that game) and 100% (indicating a missed game). Select your favorite players below and see how likely they are to miss future games.

Remember to purchase our ticket protection so you’re covered next time a star player sits out a game you buy tickets to attend. Protecting your ticket is a win-win!

If your favorite player sits out Fansure will provide you a reimbursement and you get to attend the game regardless.